“Field visits at Neem Tree – KISAN on a regular day”

By Shreya Singh for Neem Tree Agro Solutions

Field visits are an important part of the day at Neem Tree Agro Solutions. Every day, we follow the same routine that serves two purposes for us: first, onboarding Nodes/micro-entrepreneurs, and second, educating farmers about our application ‘Neem Tree Kisan’ and its important features.

गली गली Neem Tree

The day’s staff is separated into smaller groups, such as PR, Digital Marketing, and Operations. Then they start their day journey with individual responsibilities. The operations teams begin the process of selecting nodes capable of carrying on our ideas ahead of time, and once they have been determined as suitable for the role after meeting the requirements, they are invited to join us. On the other side, on boarding a node is not as straightforward as it may appear. Converting a conventional shop to a node takes an average of 2.5 days. We periodically run into problems delivering our ideas, both because of Shop owners’ refusal to participate and because of our incorrect node identification.

Happy us, after on boarding a node.

As the day moves forward, they speak with the farmers for a brief period of time, attempting to promote our concepts, hand out pamphlets, and encourage them to download our app and take advantage of its benefits. Due to evident language difficulties and a lack of technology, it is not an easy task.

The PR and digital marketing staff, on the other hand, keeps track of everything for media coverage and social media promotions. They even conduct interviews with the nodes to learn more about their experiences and feedback.
The research and development staff collects field data and tries to answer all of the farmer’s main and little questions, ensuring that they are satisfied with our service, which is our top priority.

Interviews conducted to ask about their experience and feedback.

Despite the laborious nature of our work, we as a group never miss an opportunity to have fun and learn something new. For all of us at neem tree agro solutions, the experience is both mind-altering and therapeutic. We end the day with delicious meals and a big grin on our faces because we’ve made progress towards making a difference.

Farmer’s interaction.

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