Women: Key drivers of India’s Agrarian Economy

By Shreya Singh for Neem Tree Agro Solutions

“When women farm they inspire other females on and off the farm.”

 Women are the pillars of any advanced society. The central role of women in any society ensures a nation’s stability, progress, and long-term development. However, only one gender receives primary attention in the agricultural sector. The male is the dominant decision maker in this industry and the primary beneficiary of the policies. Men’s farming is highly evolved and commercially active, with a focus on domestic and international markets. The agriculture sector as a whole has grown and emerged tremendously as a result of men being empowered with technology. However, this emergence is incapable of elevating the status of women’s labor as an essential component of the industry.

Agriculture sector contributes 19.9 percent to the GDP of a developing economy like India. It engages 55 percent of the country’s workforce, with women accounting for a sizable proportion of that figure. The importance of women in this sector cannot be overstated; they make up 33% of the agricultural labor force and 48% of self-employed farmers.

Agriculture continues to absorb and employ women in developing nations like India, but they are not recognized as paid or hired labor. In developing countries, women make about 38% of the agricultural workforce. Women make up 45.3 percent of the agricultural labor force, according to estimates. Rural women work on the farm, manage their responsibilities, and take care of their homes. Taking care of animals or a poultry farm is the most important household activity. Her livestock and fowl not only provide food for her family, but also allow her to supplement her income. In most regions of the country, rural women execute the backbreaking task of cattle management on their own.

Cleaning the shed and animals, watering the cattle, milking, fodder collecting, and creating farm manure are all part of cattle management. In the livestock and poultry industries, women have a major role. Women secretly adorn numerous jobs in the agriculture industry, from homemaker to labourer to cultivator to even entrepreneur, while rural men migrate to cities for greater chances. Roles of rural women are changing extremely quickly in Bharat. Women have begun to dominate agriculture and its value chain at all levels.

However, against the cultural backdrop of Indian society, a substantial proportion of women continue to be “invisible contributors”. Women as daily wage earners on Indian farmlands are still the unsung and underappreciated contributors to Indian agriculture. Their work is seasonal and provisional, which adds to the uncertainty in their revenue cycle. Despite this, the number of these “invincible contributors” grows every year; in India, agriculture employs nearly 80% of economically active women. Gender-specific initiatives should be developed to boost the productivity of Indian farmlands and double farmer income. Women-inclusive legislation, women-centric loans for small businesses, and women-led entrepreneurial possibilities are urgently needed in rural areas.

When those ladies get empowered with possibilities and alternatives to make on the subject of their career – best then will the society be liberated and the economic system will develop with momentum. Only then meals protection turns into a truth and similarly possibilities for the contemporary and destiny generations of ladies in rural society will evolve. 

 Today, many nations have a tendency to pay extra interest to the rural area than ever before, Indian authorities has additionally created guidelines information the function of ladies in agriculture and economic system. Government has additionally commenced imposing diverse schemes to enhance the entitlements of ladies farmers which purpose to bridge the coverage gaps that exist withinside the area. The destiny of India is converting and it is witnessing the largest switch of power not only in metropolitan cities however additionally withinside the geographical region of our extraordinary nation. For you and me it’s a blessing to witness this innovative shift in our society that became continually biased to one gender over the years. Gender equality now appears a truth – now no longer to this point away.

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