“The Vision behind Neem Tree Agro Solutions”

By Shreya Singh for Neem Tree Agro Solutions

Neem Tree Agro Solutions is a SaaS-based AgTech company focused on delivering economical, efficient, and adaptable cutting-edge solutions for every farmer in the nation. The services leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence-based decision support systems to improve production quality and quantity.

 The company was started in 2019, but the vision to create something that addresses the challenges faced by farmers dates back to the summer of 2018. The founders of the company, Dhiresh (Co-founder & C.E.O.), Nishant Chauhan (Co-founder, C.F.O. & Head (R & D)) and Paras Jain (Co-Founder & C.T.O.), went on a little escapade to certain villages in Bulandshahr, Karnal, Ambala and Alwar, as a part of a summer internship program. After visiting a lot of villages and talking to plenty of farmers to collect data, they realized that the problems faced by them during a crop growing season are very pertinent and omnipresent such as poor quality of Agri inputs, improper knowledge of pests and lack of tailor-made weather data.

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

Two of the founders (Dhiresh and Nishant) come from farming backgrounds and could relate to these issues because they have seen farmers face the same issues for years. The youngest of them all, Paras Jain, still pursuing his B.Tech, and Dhiresh (B.Tech), along with Nishant Chauhan (B.Sc. A & FB), left their college placements and decided to create something that would cater to the needs of the farming community. As they all say, Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard, but such was their creativity and dedication that they built the company from scratch in about 2 years. The company was incorporated in March 2021, and full-fledged operations started in October 2021.

2 March, 2021

Neem Tree Agro Solutions follows a PHY-DIGITAL approach (Physical+Digital). They provide a full-stack solution and handle everything right from sowing to harvesting, with fully functional retailer shops in every nook and corner. The process is rather simple. They visit and associate with the local kirana stores or kisan suvidha Kendras and convert them to nodes or micro-entrepreneurs to make the model scalable. In this way, they leverage the relationship between the nodes and farmers. Neem Tree Agro Solutions is one of the very few end-to-end startups.

The founders were foresighted, and with a lot of hard work and dedication, they have boarded 25 nodes and have 700+ acres of land under their management. They have 500+ farmers associated with them and have an excellent retention rate of 60%. The founder’s will and desire to help farmers in every way possible is what keeps them going. These facts are enough to prove that they are here to stay, come what may, and make a difference.

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