Neem Tree ka रविवार, किसानो ke naam!

By Shreya Singh for Neem Tree Agro Solutions

People generally believe that Sundays are off from work; however this is not the case when you work in the agriculture sector. One such day was on February 6, 2022, the entire Neem Tree team made prior preparations to meet with a group of farmers in order to raise awareness and listen to the challenges they were experiencing in their area.

Interacting with farmers in Jhangola, North West Delhi.

The meeting was set for 9:30am, so the day began earlier than usual. All of the interns were ecstatic because it was their first chance to get a firsthand look at how the organization operates.
Our first trip was to Jhangola, a village in North West Delhi, where our node Mr. Manjeet Singh organized a meetup, gathering all the farmers in his area. All of the preparations had been completed, and it was time for us to begin. Our Regional Sales Manager Mr. Sunil Kumar took the baton to start the session and honestly speaking it is a treat to hear him speak; he began by introducing Neem Tree Agro Solutions and the vision behind it. He discussed how the world is switching towards Agtech and what the future holds for this profession. The seminar lasted about an hour, followed by a one-on-one interactive session in which we patiently listened to all of their difficulties and provided them with the appropriate solutions.

It was now time for some tea and samosas (who can resist such a classic pairing?). We all know that feedback is critical for maintaining openness in any market chain, and happily, the feedback from this session was incredibly good, allowing us to disseminate our vision.

One-on-one interactive session to solve their queries.

Moving on with the day, another session was scheduled in Tiggipur, North West Delhi. Our node, Mr. Ankur, organized the meeting, and while everyone appeared fatigued at this point due to the hot weather, their enthusiasm was sky-high because all of us here at Neem Tree Agro Solutions live for the excitement to work and keep going. The session’s goals were nearly identical to the previous one, and it was also a huge success.

Interacting with farmers in Tiggipur, North West Delhi.

When you’re out with your complete team, you feel compelled to cover more ground, and our PR team, with the same mindset, was doing an interview with our very first customer, Rajkumar ji, to learn about his experience with us, while the operations team was busy solving field queries.

Personal Interview of our first customer Rajkumar Ji.

There’s a great saying by Leonardo Da Vinci that, “Learning never exhausts the mind”, so to top off the day we went to an Organic Farm in Singhu, North West Delhi. The farm was a sight to behold. They practiced Horticulture and Apiculture, and all of their procedures, such as Vermi composting, waste decomposers, and artificial pollination, were fully organic. Every single one of us felt like a curious child, inquiring about everything and marveling at the beauty of it all.
Overall, we got by on tea, and samosas, but our hearts were full. We eagerly anticipate such an adventure because it is a thrill.

Organic Farm in Singhu, North West Delhi.

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